About Me


My name is Pier. (As in "Pier 1" or "take a long walk off a short..."). It's ok. I've been explaining my name my entire life and I don't mind one bit. Having an unusual name (some less diplomatic would say "weird") has been quite a conversation starter and for me that's a great thing. I'm not naturally the MOST outgoing person, but I love to make real connections, be real, and "keep it real." I grew up in a raucous household with two brothers and one sister, a ham of a dad and a quietly goofy mom. 

Now I've got a crazy houseful of blondes of my own--my immensely kind (and patient!) husband, three fascinating girls, and one spark plug of a son who takes being a boy quite seriously. What strikes me every day is that life is beautiful and messy, silly and tender, exasperating and hilarious all at the same time. That's where my passion for "keepin' it real" and my camera come together. I can document my son's latest antics in the morning and capture the heart-stoppingly sweet gaze of my fourteen year old in the afternoon. Both are true; both fill up my heart, and I want proof of it all as today slides into tomorrow. I would be so honored to spend time with your family and have the privilege to chronicle some pieces of who you are right now.